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2708 Via Venado Santa Fe, NM 87505


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Cutting Edge Events


We offer two types of events:

• Drop Off and Pick Up Service at Ace Hardware and Susan’s Fine Wines in Santa Fe (Check store hours by calling store)

• In person sharpening at JoAnn’s Fabric stores in Albuquerque and Santa Fe

The following times and dates are the places where we set up to sharpen for the general public.  This is done on a first come first serve basis.

Note:  JoAnn’s Fabric store locations offer drop-off service the week prior to the event.

Any item dropped off prior to the event will be sharpened toward the end of the day.  This is done so that people who bring their items spend less time waiting. All items for all customers dropped off or otherwise will be sharpened before we leave.

Sharpening at the JoAnn’s Fabric locations will always be on Saturday afternoons from 1:00pm-4:00pm.


We look forward to seeing you at these events!


Event Dates for 2020

Santa Fe Master Gardener Fair - Saturday, May 4, 9:00AM-3:00PM

Ace Hardware

Santa Fe

2006 Cerrillos Rd.


(Pick Up And Drop Offs)





Wyoming & Menaul


(On-site Sharpening)

Jan 25th

Feb 22nd

Mar 21st

Apr 18th

May 16th

Jun 13th

Jul 11th

Aug 8th

Sep 5th

Oct 3rd

Oct 31st

Nov 28th


Santa Fe

3140 Cerrillos Rd 


(On-site Sharpening)

Jan 18th

Feb 15th

Mar 14th

Apr 11th

May 9th

Jun 6th

Aug 1st

Aug 29th

Sep 26th

Oct 24th

Nov 21st

Dec 19th


(On-site Sharpening)



10131 CoorsBlvd Nw 

Jan 11th

Feb 8th

Mar 7th

Apr 4th

May 2nd

Jun 27th

Jul 25th

Aug 22nd

Sep 19th

Oct 17th

Nov 14th

Dec 12th


Fine Wine

Santa Fe & Spirits
1005 S St Francis Dr. STE 101


(Pick Up And Drop Offs)




Reviews & Testimonials

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"Mike's delicate touch yields super-sharp results, with respect for the quality and longevity of my professional tools. I highly recommend his work."

-Charles Dale:


Chef/Owner Bouche Bistro

"I had a new grooming customer yesterday with a white toy poodle. I learned that this poodle owner has his own hair salon shop in Taos.  His name is Diego. I asked him who he has sharpen his blades and shears......and he told me that he does not know anyone who does that so he just tosses his blades and shears out and buys new ones frequently. I gave him your contact info and he was thrilled to learn about you. I told him that he can now buy high quality shears with good steel and have you sharpen them......as well as blades. He was so happy and told me he goes to Santa Fe frequently. So if you hear from a Diego with a hair salon in Taos....I am the one that referred him to you. I know he will like working with you, and you will also like working with him. I hope you will hear from him I will be seeing you soon with some of my blades....they have kept their edge so well for so long, but the time will soon come for some sharpening."