About Us

Who are we?  What do we do?


Cutting Edge Sharpening Service, LLC, in Santa Fe, New Mexico, was established in 1995 to address the sharpening needs, both private and commercial, of the people of the greater Santa Fe area. In the beginning, we took modest steps by sharpening knives, scissors, and garden tools. Now, 25 years later, we have grown into one of Northern New Mexico’s most comprehensive sharpening/leasing services and provide products and services to customers nationally.


We currently provide a number of services for restaurants, commercial kitchens, and home owners.

  1. We sharpen everything in all types of kitchens: Knives, scissors, shears, meat slicers, blenders, roboque blades, mandoline blades, food processor blades, can openers, grill scrapers, cheese graters, spatula repair, etc.
  2. We lease knives (25 different types to choose from), pizza cutters, kitchen shears, dough cutters, etc. This service is customized to meet each restaurant’s individual needs.
  3. We resurface (cost is approximately ½ the cost of new cutting boards) and sell new cutting boards which come in different thicknesses and are customized to your specific needs.
  4. We sell new kitchen knives, scissors/kitchen shears, pizza cutters, roboque blades, dough cutters, magnetic knife holders, can openers (numbers 1 and 2); installation available, can opener parts, and other items as well. Just ask.
  5. See our service page for a detailed list of the services we provide.

We have been serving pet groomers, barbers, beauticians and veterinarians for many years. For them we do the following:

  1. We sharpen all types of clipper blades and repair them. We have several clipper blade parts in stock as well as replacement blades (metal and ceramic); (Oster, Andis, Wahl, Stewart).
  2. We sharpen all types of scissors/shears, both straight and convex.
  3. We corrugate any shear or scissor.
  4. We provide clipper repairs for all Andis, Oster, Wahl and Stewart clippers. Most parts are in stock.  At no extra charge, we offer a clipper loan program so that the person having their clipper repaired, can keep working.
  5. We sell new commercial quality hair shears/scissors as well as scissor parts and scissor oil.
  6. See our service page for a detailed list of the services we provide.


For the Landscapers and gardeners we do the following:

  1. Sharpen any garden tool; pruners, loppers, pole saws, chainsaws, hedge shears (manual or electric), push mowers, lawn mowers (gas and electric), shovels, hoes, picks, axes, polaskies, chipper blades, etc.
  2. Make needed adjustments on all tools
  3. Lubricate all tools
  4. Rust removal
  5. See our service page for a detailed list of the tools we sharpen

Seamstresses and Textile Workers

We carry the contract for the JoAnn Fabric stores in Santa Fe and Albuquerque, where we sharpen fabric shears and rotary cutters along with providing on-site sharpening for the general public. This occurs regularly, on a Saturday afternoon. Check the events page on this website for dates and locations. Our services include the following:

  1. Sharpening all scissors, rotary cutters, and serger blades.
  2. Corrugation of almost any shear or scissor.
  3. See our service page for a detailed list of the things we sharpen.



Carpenters, cabinet makers, and construction workers use us to sharpen  the following:

  1. Circular saw blades (steel and carbide),
  2. Planer blades (steel and carbide)
  3. Jointer blades (steel and carbide).
  4. See our service page for a detailed list of the things we sharpen.


Print shops use us for the following:

  1. Paper Cutters
  2. Paper Knives
  3. See our service page for a detailed list of the things we sharpen.Homeowners use us for the following:


To sharpen knives, garden tools, push mowers, axes and a number of other tools and household items. 

See our service page   for a detailed list of the things we sharpen.

Cutting Edge Sharpening Services, LLC, uses professional, state-of-the-art sharpening procedures and equipment to produce sharp edges. We participate in workshops around the country to regularly hone our skills, and we belong to a group of over 1000 professional sharpeners who continually discuss all things sharpening. Over these 22 years, we have perfected our knowledge and skill to become a resource for other sharpeners.

Along with plenty of satisfied individual homeowners who regularly use our services, we are recommended by several local businesses and associations, including Cheflink of Santa Fe, Cutlery of Santa Fe, Las Cosas Kitchen Supply, Susan’s Fine Wines and Spirits, Outdoorsman of Santa Fe, Payne’s Nursery, Newman’s Nursery, Santa Fe Master Gardener Association, Ace Hardware, Big Joe’s Hardware, JoAnn’s Fabric, and Santa Fe Quilting. Feel free to contact any of these businesses for a reference.  Check out our “Customer’s” page to see even more.

We provide three convenient sharpening/leasing options for our customer’s needs. Our mobile service will come to your business or home to sharpen, pick up, or deliver items. Also, customers can drop off and pick up items at Susan’s Fine Wines and Spirits (corner of St. Francis and Cerillos Road – map), and Ace Hardware (corner of St. Michael’s and Cerillos Road – map). Mondays and Thursdays are our pick-up and drop off days at both locations. Finally, for fastest service, customers can drop off items at our shop location, 2708 Via Venado, Santa Fe, NM. The closest intersection is Rodeo Road and Yucca Street. You can call us for directions or use Google Maps  

All of our work and products come with a money-back guarantee. If for any reason you are unhappy with our services or products, we will refund your money without any questions. Truth be told, though we service several hundred customers annually, we rarely have unhappy customers. We take great pride in making ours the most satisfied customers possible.

For further information on purchasing products or to set up service, contact us at [email protected] , or call us at 505-920-7622