Knife Sales and Sharpening/Leasing/Renting For Restaurants and Commercial Kitchens.

Our free knife program is available for all commercial accounts.  From our stock of knives, kitchen shears, pizza cutters, dough cutters, etc., you can select the type of knives and the quantity of each to meet your restaurant’s specific needs.  We carry approximately 25 different knives, at varying lengths, which are the most commonly used knives in today’s commercial kitchens.  Some restrictions apply.

Leasing/Rental programs are also available.  After selecting the type and quantity of knives that you need, we will replace them at regular intervals with clean and newly sharpened knives.

Combination Service.  Many restaurants/commercial kitchens use our combination service.  This service includes the leasing/rental of knives and then the sharpening of other kitchen equipment which is sharpened on site.  The most common pieces of kitchen equipment that we are asked to sharpen include the following:  meat slicers, buffalo choppers, Roboque blades, mandolines, pizza cutters, pizza knives, blenders, food processor blades, spatulas, grill scrapers, just to name a few.

Cutting Board Resurfacing and Replacement Services.  Because cleanliness in restaurants and commercial kitchens is of great importance and because the New Mexico Health department writes violations for damaged and stained cutting boards, we were requested several years ago to implement this service.  The health inspectors love our work.  For approximately half the cost of new cutting boards, we can resurface your stained and damaged cutting boards and in most cases, make them look as good as new.  In cases where boards are too thin or worn out, we can replace them and customize the new boards to meet your specific needs.

First Aid Products.We now carry a large assortment of first aid products that can be used in the workplace. Please  contact us  for pricing and details: 505-920-7622, [email protected]

All services are completed at intervals directed by the customer.  Costs vary depending upon the requested service(s).