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Refurbished Knives and Kitchen Scissors and Clippers

With Cutting Edge Sharpening Services, LLC, serving restaurants in the Santa Fe/Albuquerque areas, we accumulate
rental knives that the restaurants can no longer use. Each knife is hollow ground, professionally sharpened, and cleaned.
The hollow grind is great because when the knife dulls, the edge is easily restored. Most new knives do not have this feature.
All orders are subject to availability. Call us or email us to check availability. Orders are filled on a first come/first serve basis.
Inventory changes regularly as knives are sold and removed from service.


Use Coupon Code 123 to receive $12.50 discount on orders of $37.50 or more.

 Please note the pictures of the knives that are shown will not necessarily reflect the actual  size and shape of the refurbished knives   that you will receive.  Knives after repeated  use and sharpening will change shape and size as all tools do.

All sales of refurbished knives are final no refunds no exchanges.

New Knives and Kitchen Scissors