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We love our clients.

Here's what they have to say about us...

"Mike is the BEST and he keeps me in the finest sharpening that there is.  My good reputation would not be where it is without my tools being kept in the top shape that Mike keeps them in."

- Pam Busick

Pam-pered Pets

"As a professional chef for 34 years, I have always been reticent to have my knives sharpened by anyone else….Most knife sharpeners shorten the lifespan of expensive knives by over-grinding, thereby rendering the knives useless in a couple of years. Not Mike! His delicate touch yields super-sharp results, with respect for the quality and longevity of my professional tools. I highly recommend his work."

-Charles Dale

Chef, Bouche Bistro

"Mike is a reliable, honest individual who strives to provide impeccable service. He adapts to our business needs and is readily available to perform extra sharpening services upon request. As an added bonus, he is always cheerful and his smiling face is welcome in our kitchen. I highly recommend Cutting Edge Sharpening Services to anyone."

-David Sundberg

Blue Corn Brewery

"Honest and reliable.  Cutting Edge tool sharpening service has demonstrated these qualities repeatedly as they work with us.  Cutting Edge has picked up tools at our yard, and returned them all correctly sharpened.  It is great working with a company we can count on."

-Katherine O'Brien

Principal & Landscape


Clemens Landscaping

"A consistent, dependable, community-minded business. Cutting Edge shows up every month, on time and leaves our commercial kitchen with well-sharpened knives ready to prepare another 8,000 meals! Michael is a nice guy, to boot. What more could you want?"

-Tony McCarty

Executive Director,

Kitchen Angels

"In almost forty years in the restaurant business as a chef and an owner, your sharpening service was the first one to ever give me the type of edge I wanted on a knife. I can not recommend your service highly enough."

-Reid Michaels

Owner, Over Easy Cafe